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What we believe in:

In a rapidly-changing world, it is essential to help managers – men and women – optimize their potential. The ultimate objective is for them to higher their impact, for a genuinely collaborative performance.


Our ultimate aim? Creating manager-leaders, integrated and more committed, shining with more effectiveness, for the higher benefit of all. Because organizational performance depends first and foremost on employee commitment. Therefore, on manager’s leadership skills!


What we do:

  • We develop individual leadership, for team managers.
  • Coaching organizational change, for the sake of collective performance.


To ensure a proper reconciliation between individual and collective performances, we build and offer consulting services, coaching or training services, always tailored to our clients’ needs, and within a global and very operational perspective.


Alomey, Management and Leadership Consulting, offers a panel of solutions to assist enterprises et their stakeholders throughout their evolution.


  • Consulting and Change Management
  • Management Best-Practice
  • Coaching
  • Tailor-made Trainings
  • Animation of professional seminars


Alomey puts at its clients disposition a set of diversified skills to meet a panoply of their managerial concerns.

Alomey’s work is based on the widely-used AIDA model, revised and adapted to address leadership. It proposes an innovative approach to help clients grow impact. Workshops and specific coaching permit to each person to ask the right question with regards to their attitude, in light of Alomey’s concept of manager-leader.


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