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Higher Impact® for women

Who for ?

  • Top Management
  • Executives Women


Why participate ?                  

  • Develop your influence, your visibility and your impact
  • Enhance your leadership in terms of management and communication
  • Understand and master a top management posture in a changing world

Program :

Day 1 :

What does it mean to be a leader nowadays ?

  • Essential notions in management : discussion and sociological inputs
  • Basis for impactful communication
    • Understanding the system : what does mean communicate within an organization and pursuing a high level career ?
    • The AIDA model and its adaptation for management
    • The target (principle of  cognitive dissonance): what do we expect, what is it, what does it induct
  • Verbal and non verbal Communication 
    • Body langage: what does it show about us
    • Harmony between verbal and non-verbal
    • Presence

Day 2 :

  • Session content as defined before hand
  • Where am I with my leadership ?
  • Training on my personal impact
  • Set my improvement zones

Day 3 :

  • Do men and women have different types of leadership ?
  • Why is this question important for women in top management positions today ?
  • Are we embracing a new style of leadership ?
  • What impact does it have on women in top management positions ?


 How does it work ?

  • 1 1h30 individual coaching session planned after day 1
  • A half day group session at the end of the program.


 Benefits of this training :

  • Become a leader who has people « do what you need them to do because they want to ” » [Eisenhower]
  • Inspire and mobilize your co-workers or team
  • Influence others positively
  • Enhance your impact and your communication skills
  • Have your decision implemented
  • Strengthen your ability to manage tensions and crisis