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Higher Impact®, what’s in for me ?

Higher Impact® allows us to be a leader. We can lead our life or our organization, without undergoing other peoples’ constraints.


We can also be the manager-leader who drives action-oriented behaviors. Before undertaking any action, an employee first needs to provide his or her «buy-in » to a vision, strategy, or idea. In this sense, the employee will promote, achieve or fully perform it (by getting involved, committed to works, being more meticulous etc.)


We have all had the chance to influence and impact others. Our education, external environment, and personality either permitted this capacity to develop, or suppressed it. The capacity to drive others’ actions is developed by who we are.


This boils down to a personal choice: do I want to impact others?


This choice has two consequences:

  • On one hand, the ability to influence others is related to the idea of power. At an individual level, the word « power » designates a “Can Do” mindset. It is a positive, empowering change. At a collective level, all forms of social power fascinate individuals who often fall for the illusion of power, as it responds to their decision-making desire. With regards to the power of driving others it is relevant to external factors: such as others adapting, different professional exchanges, or the complexity of systems that require others to exert a certain power.


  • On another hand, charisma, impact, and therefore leadership, imply a certain responsibility: that of being liable for the persons we manage or influence. This is an ethical issue that is at par with our responsibility towards our employer.


Making proof of high-impact leadership is a conscious choice that implies a certain level of responsibility. It is not a light decision, as we have to ensure our impact does not turn into moral harassment nor into abuse of power.

Because society and employees’ roles are constantly changing, so it the corporate world: you need the buy-in and involvement of all your stakeholders. Become the high-impact leader that genuinely drives others performance!