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Target: Higher Impact®

Impact usually refers to the shock generated when two or more bodies collide. The term “impact” designates the effect that something has on a situation or person.

This type of impact is key to the subject of leadership: in order to lead people, one needs to have an effect on them. And this collision generates their buy-in and drives their actions.

Being professional at work is not sufficient anymore. Degrees and education are not enough to grant credibility now days. And a mere title does not grant authority. Today, all organizational structures are being revised.

In most companies, managers face a series of difficulties stemming from the extremely fast-paced societal evolution. Divided between additional autonomy and increased control, a manager’s position is not stable anymore.

There are a few demands that have yet not changed: requests for improved performance, results-driven mindset and ruthless target-setting. To meet these targets, a manager must rely on his or her team. Today’s manager cannot get away by simply giving instructions. Today’s manager has to empower his or her teams and motivate them to perform, thus enabling the organization’s ability to progress, innovate and grow in the long run.

For many companies, the relationship between leadership and charisma is obvious. These companies foster leadership skills and nurture the development of charisma among their managers. Can we learn charisma? How can we achieve higher impact –or high-impact leadership?

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