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Higher Impact. Develop your charisma, leadership and influence.  

by Sandrine Meyfret – Eyrolles Editions


We can all enjoy higher impact. It is a path you can engage in today. The educational content of all Higher Impact® trainings and workshops are derived from this book.


Develop your impact and your leadership


How to motivate your teams and optimize their potential?

How to positively influence others?

How to increase one’s impact and communication skills?



This book is for all those who have managerial functions that raise questions on leadership and charisma. Going beyond “how-to” and techniques, the author gives concrete and usable input, easily applied and very effective to increase your impact next to your team. Her approach has been developed around a revised model. Basing yourself on the AIDA model, you can now:


  • Attract Awareness
  • Raise Interest
  • Awaken Desire
  • Generate Action


What type of leadership is needed in organizations? How to use this model in your actions and communication in order to achieve higher impact? What can we learn from our mission and our own feelings? These are just a few of the questions that this book addresses in a simple yet effect way.



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