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Higher Impact® in client pitching

To be charismatic, show leadership and influence

Because as a consultant or as a lawyer, you need to gather your clients around your propositions and sell them projects or teams, ALOMEY offers you a training in 2 steps about oral communication.

The aim is to help you to master the impact of the presentation of your offers to your clients or prospects.

NB : This training is not for coaches, consultants or trainers in management. If you are, please contact us. 

Why participate ?                

This training is based on an approach developed exclusively by Sandrine Meyfret who’s been entrepreneur in the communication/ad field. The model she revisited to focus the work on charisma, leadership and individual impact is usually used in advertising.

This training, delivered by Alomey for more than 5 years now, has been proposed to hundreds of persons and is particularly accurate for lawyers and consultants.

Program of the training :

Main work areas :

  • What is having people buy into an idea and sell “an advice” ?
  • What does the model provide, how is it useful ?
  • How to use this model for each interaction ? Effects, practises and mastering verbal and non verbal.

With an active pedagogy, the program is broken down this way :

–       collective half a day : exchange and comprehension of the model

–       3 1h30 individual sessions

A pre subscription phone meeting is organized with the trainer.

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