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Persuading a client : a case study

The stake : triggering a buying act

When you’re face to face with a client, the challenge is immediate : sell a new contrat, keep up with an existing contrat, enlarge the product and service range already in place, convince your product or services are better than others or less expensive for the same quantity, or both etc … We have only one opportunity to make a good first impression.

The aim is to trigger a buying act from our interlocutor

In the world of today, the commotion is rough :

  • A global world where the number of suppliers is larger
  • New suppliers easily accessible via internet ready to compet with those in place
  • Clients more versatile
  • New products on the market constantly
  • Innovation more often
  • Etc.

For an even quality and price, what is going to convince my prospect to become my client or my client to stay ?

  • Why this project manager in telecommunication will win the contrat for the implementation of the telecommunication network for his prospect ?
  • Why this consultant in strategy will better convince in this debate when presenting his project than an other consultant ?
  • Why this client I know for years and get along well with, who is satisfied with my products has bought to one of my competitor ?


In fact some of the purchase criteria aren’t based on our decisions. For example, my client is happy but he depends of a head office who decided to be more consistent with its procurement decisions and thus reduce the number of its suppliers.

In the remaining leeway and with an equivalent price/quality ratio  … it often admitted that what will make a difference is the intuitu personae  ! Well, the intuitu personae is part of the impact we show in interpersonal communication.

To support our clients in sale situation we have développed adapted tools based on the same principles than the ones used for “Higher Impact”® in public speaking.