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Higher Impact® in leadership

 Be a leader doesn’t always mean be a team manager : it means we have something or someone to impact to have things move forward our way. The resolution of being a player of what’s happening is the foundation of building your leadership.
Our secret weapon is our desire that something has to happen and the awareness that the other person has to have the same desire.

Being aware of this 2 phenomenons help us to work on our impact : building strategies adapted to circumstances, audience, situations, places. We have two playing fields to do this :

  • Shifting from a manager behavior to a leader behavior. Or to be more precise, becoming a manager-leader.
  • Our daily communication becoming impactful.

But, are today’s managers prepared to make the others do ? And do better ?

It is the engagement that shows one’s motivation. It demonstrates energy possibly expressed by enthousiasm, diligence, perseverance, interest and eventually the search for doing better. Motivated people don’t count hours and energy put into the subject of their motivation.

A today’s manager needs to know and understand that he can’t only be the one who command or the father of a bunch of children.  A today’s manager needs to have others do and do their best. That’s the way the company will progress, innovate and rise on the long term.