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Higher impact® in public speaking

Do I have impact when I speak ? 

Who for ? 

« Higher Impact® » workshop is for executives and managers who need tools for mastering their communication. It”s about reliable technics to obtain adhesion, federate collaborators and convince clients.

Why participate ? 

This training is absolutely accurate when your need to :

  • Become a catchy speaker.
  • Develop the ability to make people do what you want because they want to.
  • Be comfortable in any situation.
  • Become a strategist of your speeches for tangible results.

Program :

  • What does mean communicate in a customer-supplier relation and within a company ? What are the stakes ?
  • Understand the AIDA : why is it useful ?
  • How to use the model in each speaking situation ?
  • How to master verbal and non-verbal ?
  • How to impact clients, collaborators, suppliers or any kind of interlocutors ?
  • Video practicing

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