Our Approach

Our methodology is rather unique : anchored on 20 years experience, it combines technics experimented and learned in both France and the US.

  • Expression technics
  • Chant and Yoga Technics
  • Body Language
  • Personal Development Technics
  • AIDA: a model invented in the  XIXth century for vendors in shops, then used in advertising and finally revisited by Sandrine Meyfret and applied to interpersonal communication and impact. The power of this model is proven every time we use it with clients.

The core of the methodology : you

This method works exclusively on the individual and who he is and takes into account each person’s specificities.

The aim is to provide each participant with a style of expression adapted to who he is and targeting impact of his audience. We don’t mean to provide a recipe or a miracle solution.

  • We all come to the world with the ability to communicate. We’re all equiped with everything we need to communicate with one another. It’s all about recovering what we’ve lost by the weight of education, awkward experiences or mental block. The technic supplements what’s existing within.
  • Impact means something is going to happen afterwards. We push others to the action we have determined : buying, mind shifting, adhesion, etc …

To recover the consistency between body and mind

We are permanent emitter / receptor. Unconscious and conscious are links to provide information flux and also to receive and act further.

Mind, memory, langage, thinking and body are efficient transmitters if  we show consistently the desire to go toward the other, to foster the relation and if we are clear with our mental intention : push to act.



One method – 3 main themes :

  • Learn how to set a real aim in terms of impact and output
  • Mastering the 10% potentially picked up by the audience
  • Find the consistency mental/body to enhance the impact of your speech

This method doesn’t aim to :

  • Transform people into clones
  • Learn how to pretend
  • Learn a standardized gesture
  • Learn a speech by heart

This method is :

  • A tremendous work on what is “taking the floor “
  • A genuine search for your own way to impact and to demonstrate leadership in public speaking
  • A long lasting awareness
  • A work that is useful in many different situations, what ever the number of persons in the audience or the conditions of the meeting (team meeting, congres, with or without visual support, etc …)

We use all kind of technics :

  • In the learning approach : coaching, video training, case study, experience sharing, practise …
  • Among available disciplines : PNL, Transactionnal Analysis, Influence technics, public speaking technics, chant technics, psychology, philosophy, Engagement Technics,  Management models.

With one aim : higher impact when speaking.

« Leadership, is the art of having someone do something because he wants to do it.»  Eisenhower

This unique methodology, created by Sandrine Meyfret, has been chosen by “l’association HEC” for trainings proposed to Alumni and is the subject of a book at Eyrolles.