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Speak up : what it so hard ?

A complexe act responding to imperatives expressed in the following way :

  • Sell products and services
  • Federate around ideas
  • Convince of the relevance of what I have to say
  • Persuade my ideas make sens
  • Management of different point of views
  • Confrontation with diversity of cultures and profils

A challenging posture for the one who has to speak up

«Between what I mean, what I want to say, what I think I’m saying, what I effectively say, what you want to hear, what you hear, what you understand …” there are 10 possibilities for having difficulties to communicate. But let’s try anyway… » (Bernard Werber, extract from Encyclopedia of relative and absolute)

A difficult moment when you know that :


And this in a very little time :

90% of your conversation partner will have formed an opinion about you after 10 to 40 s, and you’ll be definitely judged within the first 4 minutes.



Starting points :

  • Each exchange is communication
  • We see some things that doesn’t exist and we don’t see all those that exists
  • Each person sees its own things
  • We induct conscious and unconscious behaviors and reactions in others
  • Feed back is crucial to healthy communication
  • It is the responsibility of the one formulating a message to make sure he’s understood