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Training structure and breakdown

A.    Group training ( 8 persons maximum)

  • 2 days sessions within approximately 10 days
  • Inter or intra
  • Modalities are identical wether the option chosen. All the practises are filmed and debriefed. Videos are destroyed after each session.

These sessions can be arranged with the following modalities :

  • 2 days in the same langage : french or english


  • 1st day in french et 2nd day in english


  • 1st day in the langage of your choice
  • followed by 3 individual sessions in the langage of your choice

For intra company sessions :

  • It is recommended to gather same level collaborators.
  • Practises are prepared in accordance to the subjects and the aims of the company
  • Lunch is organized with the coach
  • At the end of the training, the book can be given to each participant as a tool to continue the work done in session.

B.   Individual sessions

Individual sessions can be added to the group sessions ; for managers it is also possible to organize the training around individual sessions only.

The training is organized around 1h30 sessions every 10 days, approximately, in our Paris office.
Video practices are destroyed after each session.