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Higher Impact®, learn how to become the leader that inspires others …

Luckily, leadership skills can be acquired. There are so many ways to increase one’s impact. At Alomey Consulting, we offer a large panel of workshops and trainings, adapted and tailored to your business needs.

Sandrine Meyfret, a communication entrepreneur, developed an exclusive approach for our trainings. The approach is based on a model widely used in advertising, which she specifically adapted to address leadership, charisma and impact in the corporate world.

Sandrine’s book “Higher impact: develop your charisma, leadership and influence”, published in December 2010 and re-edited in April 2014, Eyrolles Editions, thoroughly describes her method.

HIGHER IMPACT® in public Speaking


Day 1 : Tuesday March 7th 2017

Day 2 : Wednesday March 22nd 2017

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